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The COVID pandemic has affected all of us. You may have experienced a friend or family or someone in your neighbourhood being affected. There has certainly been a lot of fear instilled in society.

The Jesus Experience community want you to know that we believe there is power in PRAYER – not solely in the prayer itself, but in Whom the prayers are directed to… the Eternal God who caused the heavens and the earth to exist.

We may ask ‘why has this situation happened?’ Yet we can have a hope and a confidence that the current troubles of this world, not only COVID but other problems too, are NOT the end of the story. However, the effects of the pandemic have caused us to re-evaluate our lives, and consider what’s important.

You may wonder if there is a God who really cares. We know that He does because of the One who came into the world, the promised Saviour – Jesus the Great Rescuer, to live among us and to show us who God is. The Creator of the heavens and the earth is personal. He is merciful. Through Jesus we can know the Father of creation.

We invite you to turn your concerns for your loved ones into prayer requests, to the One who cares and acts.

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