Discover Messiah

Closer Than You Think

Guest writer Nick Stead

Do you believe there’s more to this world than what we can see?

Many of us have had at least one spiritual experience: an uncanny coincidence perhaps that sent a shiver down our spine, or a moment when we sensed our Creator present in our world. One night when, as a teenager, I was lying awake in bed, it felt as though God was in my room and if I opened my eyes I would see Him standing at the foot of my bed. I hid under the covers, because – not knowing about His great love and forgiveness – I felt unworthy.

The sacred scriptures called the Bible tell of a man called Jacob, who, when on a journey, lay down on the ground one night and went to sleep. He had a dream of angels moving between Heaven and Earth. Then God Himself appeared in the dream and spoke directly to Jacob about his future. When Jacob woke up, he said to himself: “The Eternal One is certainly in this place—and I didn’t even know it!” (Genesis 28v16).

Our Creator is often closer than we think. One day, 2,000 years ago, John the Baptist was challenging the religious leaders – men awaiting their Messiah – who had gathered on the banks of the river: “Someone greater is standing among you, whom you don’t recognise,” he said. (John 1v26). John was speaking of Yeshua (Jesus). But even though these leaders knew the prophecies, they failed to recognise who Yeshua was. Yet, Andrew, a fisherman who was in the crowd, knew. He went to find his brother and said to him, “We have found the Messiah!”

It’s easy to write Yeshua off as an impostor, a false god, or a wise but outdated figure from history, but few have taken the trouble to get to know Him, to really know Him. How about you? Yeshua came to earth to bring hope and forgiveness and open the way to eternal life for all those who put their trust in Him, and He will come again one day to bring peace to the world.

He knows all about us, good and bad – none of us have lived a perfect life – and yet He loves us deeply and wants to wipe the slate clean, remove our record of wrong and put His Spirit within us. He Himself said that He came “to give His life as a ransom for many,” (Mark 10v45), which He did of course on the cross, paying the debt we owe on our behalf. So, if we are prepared to trust Him with our future, inviting Him into the driving seat of our lives, He will give us a fresh start and a new quality of life, at the centre of which is a loving relationship with Him, our Creator and Messiah.

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